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Project Leader

Who we are?

Hi, we’re Revolve – a growing software house based in Katowice, Poland. Our amazing developers specialize in JavaScript and Python-related technologies. We build and deliver custom software solutions for clients from around the globe. We’ve been on the market since 2016 and we’ve worked with clients such as Dr.Max (Poland), Orikami (Netherlands), or Smart4Diagnostics (Germany). Our long-term goal is to become one of the best software development companies in the healthcare industry. In our work, we believe in mutual trust, self-development, and transparency. We’re a people-first company – and we don’t just say that, we actually mean it. Revolve’s culture is defined by the people who work here. Each one of us is kind of weird in his or her own way, and we love it. It makes us unique. We enjoy each other’s company a lot, but we also understand when someone doesn’t want to be distracted. We respect deep work and personal space. Come and meet us (virtually or in our office) to find out more!

Office chair and desk

How we work?

Most of our projects involve several people working directly with clients. In our daily work, we use Agile methodologies with well-known tools like Slack, Jira, Git, etc.

Our developers work as full-stacks in modern technologies of our (and their) choice. Good development practices, like code review, are essential, and we use them in everyday work. We are pragmatic, so each decision can be changed based on good argumentation. We don’t dictate, we collaborate.

We love spending time together in our office in Katowice, but we also allow remote work when necessary. Our preferred working model is a hybrid one: 2-3 days from office and 2-3 days from home.

We have a great time together while working on the projects, but also during our daily breakfasts (at the office or virtually via Google Meet – totally optional, but why drink that coffee or yerba alone?) and when going out for a beer (or five) every once in a while. Once a year, we go together for a 3-day trip, where we, you know… make memories :).

The team is 100% Polish at the moment, but most of our clients are from abroad, so we communicate in English with them.

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Who you (ideally) are?

As a Project Leader in our company, you will have to combine multiple skills that allow you to find the best possible way to achieve different goals.

Your first and main responsibility will be the team (you know the servant leadership concept, right?). Your second responsibility is the project. In this role it is crucial to be able to fulfil team and project goals by facilitating an efficient software development process, maintaining good relationships with the clients and your team, and solving problems.

You will be tasked with arranging the whole design and development process from start to finish, paying particular attention to the areas such as:

  • ensuring clear and transparent way of cooperation, using proper Agile methods;
  • keeping a good level of team motivation;
  • leading the customers throughout the project evolution and managing their expectations.

You will have to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding based on strong business values. You will face diverse problems and strive to find the most satisfying solutions for all stakeholders and your team members.

You will need to be immune to working under pressure, while presenting a calm and self-confident attitude. You will be responsible for troubleshooting the whole management process and pointing out all the improvement possibilities. And, even though you will try to account for all possible scenarios, you also have to always expect the unexpected.


  • have at least 2 years of experience in a similar role;
  • have great communication skills;
  • be a problem solver - removing obstacles is the main part of this job;
  • be calm - your team and the success of the project depend on you;
  • have attention to detail on many levels – it prevents catastrophes ;);
  • know how to work in Scrum;
  • be able to communicate in spoken and written English on at least B2+ level;
  • take responsibility for and ownership of your work;
  • become a well-fitted and indispensable part of Revolve’s company culture;
  • be open to helping others;
  • be a great person to work with :).


  • have a background as a software developer or a QA Engineer
  • have higher education;
  • have some sort of knowledge, background or experience in healthcare;
  • have experience with ISO requirements;
  • like sharing your knowledge in blog posts, podcasts, and/or as a speaker (at internal workshops or representing Revolve at meetups and conferences).
A girl works at the computer

What you get?

You will be teaming up with open-minded, empathetic people who are great to work with and want to learn from each other.

As you will be joining a 30-people (we plan to slowly grow to 100 over the next 5 years) IT company in its early stages. Your presence in Revolve can have a significant impact on its development and future shape.

We also offer modern working conditions (flexible work hours, benefits, and all that). And we seriously do use that foosball table we have at the office!

Depending on your experience, proficiency and skills, you will earn between 7 000 and 12 000 PLN net on a B2B contract (with 26 days of paid vacation) or an equivalent on an employment contract (umowa o pracę).

If your experience level is higher than our requirements, but you feel Revolve may be just the place for you – feel free to apply anyway! We’re always on a lookout for great people and we don’t want the above role description and suggested salary range to restrict you.

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What happens after you apply?

Anna or Magda will review your CV together with our technical co-CEO, Łukasz. If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll schedule a quick phone call, and after that an online or offline meeting with Łukasz (and possibly one of our existing Project Leaders or another future teammate). That’s it! No nonsense homeworks or getting stressed out over a screen-recorded test.

It’s not important how you operate under stress, we care about who you are, what your problem-solving thinking is and how you talk about your programming experiences. We will ask a lot of questions for sure, but all that will happen in a friendly atmosphere, without you needing to wear a tie to the interview (does anyone still do it anyway?).

After the meeting, just give us a day or two, and we will get back to you with our feedback, and – hopefully – a job offer. Sounds good? Apply now and let us work our magic!